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Introducing trimMail Inbox 631. The same great anti-spam, anti-virus, and DoS protection in an industrial 1U package. Looks great in your rack, too.
trimMail Inbox 601

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trimMail Inbox: An easy, powerful, affordable way to protect your mail servers from spam, viruses, dictionary attacks, and other hazards of the internet.

Flexible Management
All users are not created equal. Some won't tolerate a single spam in their inbox, while others faint at the thought of a false positive.

All system administrators aren't created equal, either. While some want to give users the power to manage their mail, others want total top-down control of the mail stream.

With trimMail Inbox, spam scoring, quarantining, auto-deletion, white listing, and black listing are all configurable on a global, domain, and user basis. All of these settings can be enabled/disabled by the trimMail Inbox Administrator.

Multi-Filter Spam Scoring
trimMail Inbox employs standard industry practices, including white listing, black listing, Bayesian filtering, reverse block listing, hash signature, and checksums, to catch up to 99% of unsolicited bulk email with a near-zero false-positive rate.

Open Relay: Closed
With many mail servers, it's nearly impossible to prevent spammers and zombies from using your network to send unsolicited email. Not only does this eat bandwidth and resources, it can also get you blacklisted, ruining your company's reputation and preventing you from conducting legitimate business via email.

Open relaying with a properly configured trimMail Inbox in place is not possible.

Dictionary Attack Protection
Dictionary attackers broadcast millions of messages a day to illegitimate email addresses, hoping that some of these messages will reach real users. This eats network resources, and, in extreme cases, can crash your mail servers, preventing legitimate mail from reaching your users.

When properly configured, trimMail Inbox stops these attacks at the front door, dramatically reducing bandwidth, cpu, memory, and storage demands downstream.

Attachment Control
  trimMail Kills 99% of Viruses
  Virus: Netsky.v  
Status: Removed by trimMail Inbox
with PolySieve content filtering!

Email attachments are the primary delivery vector for viruses, worms, trojan horses, and other stuff you just don't want on your network.

trimMail Inbox rejects messages with virus-infected payloads, while other attachments are stripped, renamed, or left alone.

Privacy Guardian
Embedded images, cookies, web bugs, and scripts can all be used to snoop on you when you read your email. trimMail Inbox can disable these nasties, preventing malicious senders from tracking your online activities.

Easy to Install
trimMail Inbox can be up-and-running on your network in as little as 15 minutes. There is no software to install, and you don't need to make any changes to your existing mail server. trimMail Inbox will work with any SMTP mail server.

Once installed, trimMail Inbox tweaks itself through constant silent updates and enhancements*.

Easy to Use
The trimMail Management Console is an intuitive, browser-based interface that's accessible through any frames-capable browser (we like Firefox, but feel free to use the other guys). If you're reading this web page, you can administer trimMail Inbox.

With per-user settings enabled, end-users access their settings and quarantine through an easy-to-use email-based interface.

Peace of Mind
Our support agreement extends your protection way beyond spammers and hackers. In addition to around-the-clock automatic upgrades, you get off-site email backup. When your mail system goes down, for whatever reason, our Inbox Backup mail server automatically accepts your incoming mail and holds it until your server is up and running again.

There are no per-user, per-domain, or per-CPU licensing fees.

* When purchased with the optional Up2Date Service Agreement.

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trimMail Inbox is no longer manufactured. Refurbished trimMail products
are distributed by Comco, Inc. and its channel partners.

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