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The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.

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Network Research Tools

New! Mail Server Profiler Beta
Maps and profiles all of the mail servers in your domain.

Mail Server Profiler consolidates several steps you can take by yourself using query tools on this and other websites. It gets all of its connection information from the queried domain's publicly posted DNS records, then attempts to establish communications with each server that is listed as available for accepting email messages. Finally, Mail Server Profiler packages all that information, including each mail server's actual response, in an easy to read table, followed by a brief analysis. Mail Server Profiler is not a port scanner.

Tell us what you think about Mail Server Profiler.

DNS Lookup
Find a DNS record for a given domain name.

IP Address Lookup
Find the IP address of a given host name.

WHOIS Lookup by Domain
Find the contact information for a given domain name.

WHOIS Lookup by IP Address
Find the contact information for a given IP address.

Ping a given host name or IP address.

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SMTP Tools
Open Relay Test Think your mail server simply can't be a mail relay? Test it here. Laboratory for the Processing of Analog and Digital Signals
DNS Blacklists Check Is your mail server running? Somebody, somewhere has probably black listed it. dr.moensted
External Sender Test Does your current mail server/firewall config allow incoming 100% Compliant SMTP? dymeta
Domain Name Service And Other IP Tools
ZoneCheck Checks your authoritative nameserver, your list of secondary nameservers, and email delivery. Includes a batch mode, too. AFNIC
DNS Sleuth Detects the most common errors in DNS zones, and points you to the solutions. Martin Mares
DIG It Make sure your DNS servers are properly configured... especially those MX records. Men and Mice
Internet Query Tools Track down suspicious domains... and don't forget to report them. Demon
IP Address Calculators Subnet Mask, Network/Node, IP Address Converter, more. Mobrien Tools
Subnet Cheat Sheet Subnet Mask, Guide to Sub-Class C Blocks. CIDR Notation. Brian Aker's World
Traceroute Off-Site How many routers between the world and you? How fast? How accessible? TRaceRT
Whois and Reverse IP Search by IP address, domain name, even partial name. Whois Source
Internet Surveys
Open Relay Advisory Check the open relay status of your SMTP mail server. dymeta
Security Vulnerability Database Current software vulnerability advisories. OSVDB
Global Virus Watch Up-to-the-minute virus outbreak reports. trimMail's Email Battles
Internet Health Report Is it you or the Internet? Check Internet traffic between major broadband trunks. Keynote
Internet Traffic Report Check the flow of data around the world. Score of 100 is best. AnalogX
Firewall Port Scan Watch Who's knocking on your firewall's door? Track exploit and virus trends worldwide. SANS Internet Storm Center
DNS Daily Changes Number of .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .US, .WS domains transferred today. Who won, who lost. Name Intelligence
Miscellaneous Email Management Tools
Regular Expression Test Check regular expressions before inflicting them on your trimMail Inbox. Northern Virginia Community College
Find Business or Residence Track down a business or residential address by city/state or phone. Search within xx miles. Switchboard
FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center File Internet-based complaints with the FBI. US Federal Bureau of Investigation
FTC Spam Complaint Form Unsolicited Commercial E-mail Complaint Form. Or forward spam to UCE@FTC.GOV. US Federal Trade Commission
Social Security Fraud Form Tell Social Security your number was stolen. US Social Security Administration


EB Network Tools

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DNS Lookup

IP Address Lookup

Whois Lookup


Global Virus Watch

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